Where can i purchase 3 Ply Face Mask With Earloop?

Where can i purchase 3 Ply Face Mask With Earloop?

3 Ply Face Mask with Earloop is designed to resist moderate fluid splashes at 120mmHg while maintaining smooth breathability. The highly efficient filtration media can filter or trap all the common bacteria and particle surrounding us.

There are many types of face masks available out there each has its own unique feature and quality.

3 ply surgical mask is one type of face mask that is used to prevent disease and effects of them.

What is a surgical mask?

Surgical mask or medial mask are one of type special mask that usually worn by doctors and medial workers.

During the nursing period it helps health professionals to avoid spread of bacteria and liquid droplets.

What is 3ply surgical mask?

3ply surgical mask are special type of face mask that has three layers of protection system within it.

Three layers of protection system is made out of cotton and has a design that gives extra comfort to breathe and protects from any unwanted bacteria.

This three ply surgical face mask are made out of a melt down material that is placed deep between non – woven fabric .

The melt down material acts as a filtration method that stops micro parasites from entering the wearer body. 3 Ply Face Mask Earloop

How to put a 3ply surgical mask?

3ply surgical mask are nature friendly reusable mask

In order to put a 3 ply surgical mask you have put the coloured side in front of your mouth and the white part to cover your mouth.

Some 3ply surgical mask are ear loop type and some are tie based but use case for both of them are same.

In case of a loop type mask first hold the mask by ear lops and wear each loop on your ears

In case of a tie based mask first bring your mask near to your nose or mouth then place the ties over the crown of your head and tie it with a bow.

Before using the mask things you should must follow are

  • Clear your hand properly with hand sanitizer or soap rub them for 90 seconds before wearing a mask
  • Make sure your mask is fresh doesn’t have any hole in it neither any water drops

Things not to do with a 3 ply surgical mask

  • Do not fold your mask it will destroy it’s protection features
  • Do not wash your mask with water
  • In case of reuse clear your mask with a cotton slowly
  • If the mask got black tan don’t reuse it again
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