Where can i buy/purchase n95 face mask?

Where can i buy/purchase n95 face mask?

There are many types of mask available in the market now. Each various from one another.

Filtering mask that purify dust, bacteria, germs and particles thru layers of filtration are commonly known as N95 masks.

There are two type of N95 mask available. One of them is half mask and 2nd one known as face piece respirator.

Face piece respirator are more effective and widely used by people to stay protected from nano – particles floating in the air.

Meaning of N95?

The name N95 has a meaning behind it and express it thru N and the value 95

N​- This means a respirator letter class among the devices. It stands for No – Oil meaning thereare no Oil based particulates present and can be used in a working environment.

95​- This means the respirator has a 95% efficiency. Masks ending with 95 can purify particlesor any nano dust by 95% correction.

Micro (.3)​- Masks can purify any type of contaminants like dust, germs, bacteria, nano particlesor droplet that has.3 micron weight. Any object with .3 micron weight can’t pass thru this mask. Buy n95 face mask

How does N95 mask works?

There are many types of nano particles floating on the air that can be harmful for humans breathing system.

It can cause a person suffer from diseases such as chronic bronchitis,emphysema,lung cancer and cystic fibrosis.

Using N95 masks can save us from this issue when ever we go out in a cloudy or a dusty environment.

N95 masks uses multi layers of filtering process that doesn’t allow any type of particles to pass thru it without getting cleaned.

This type of mask have a protection system known as MS2 virus (non harmful simulation of several pathogens)

MS2 virus detects the particles that pass thru it by different level of virions. It works at a rate of 20.5% and 84.5% respectively and has a flow rate of 85 L/min.

Any particles or harmful bacteria that has a weight of .3 macron and size range of 10 -80 nm can’t pass by it.

The MS2 virus actively works as a anti – radar within the filter system and kills all the harmful particles that keeps the wearer safe from any type harmful object.

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Materials used to make N95 mask

N95 are made out of a basic material known as fiber. Those fiber are electrostatic and non-woven polypropylene that helps the respirator device work actively against harmful air objects.

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