Best 3 ply surgical face mask for best facility for safe

Best 3 ply surgical face mask for best facility for safe

Purchase 3 ply surgical face mask for best facility for safe

This mask for the general public aims to protect the healthy population, in addition to the essential barrier gestures against the coronavirus.

The shortage of 3 ply surgical face mask surgical maskshas prompted the proliferation of tutorials and patterns for making protective masks. In front of this anthology of advice and models with heterogeneous and sometimes dubious qualities, AFNOR took the initiative to capitalize on a first class collective expertise by producing a reference document proposing requirements to be satisfied for the manufacture of new masks. 3 ply surgical face mask

A document for manufacturers and individuals

Barrier masks meet a less ambitious level of requirement than surgical masks and which must be used as a priority by healthcare personnel and exposed populations. Responding to criteria validated by nearly 150 experts, barrier masks aim to provide additional protection to any healthy person, in addition to barrier gestures and the measure of distancing. Usable for mass production by textile or plastics companies, the AFNOR Spec – Barrier masks document also includes a list of laboratories, in the appendix, for companies wishing to have their prototypes tested before launching mass production. Purchase 3ply surgical face mask

This document is also thought to guide those who have the materials and skills to get started in the craft industry. Many diagrams are proposed in the document, as well as ready-to-use patterns.

Once you have built up your stock of barrier masks designed according to the model, you can make yourself known to companies likely to recover them to equip their employees, by referring to the platform, using the geolocation. Buy 3 ply surgical face mask

Complete barrier gestures

“This mask does not at any time exonerate barrier gestures. It is an additional protection for healthy people when they move or work “, summarizes Rim Chaouy, manager of AFNOR occupational health and safety pole and pilot of the project. The AFNOR Spec – Barrier masks document also offers an important section of recommendations for use, for people not used to wearing a mask. The performance of any mask can be deteriorated by a faulty implementation, this point is extremely important. Purchase 3ply surgical face mask

Support the maintenance or resumption of the activity of companies and public services

3 ply surgical face mask can now be used by any company or public service which wishes to order from a mask manufacturer, to equip its employees. By referring to this document, the client company knows what the requirements are and what level of protection should be associated with the masks ordered for its employees.

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