3m surgical face mask from Jowjomsupply.

3m surgical face mask from Jowjomsupply.

3m surgical face mask is a dust mask that contain 3 layers of filtration that provides extra protection against any harmful particles.Buy 3m surgical face mask.

This type of 3m face mask are used as disposable mask and can be handy against fine dust

What’s inside a 3m mask?

3m face mask are usually made of cotton. It also contain non wovenfabric that was created with melt blowing process.

The middle layer attached the outer and inner layer with a filtration made out of fabric. Buy 3m surgical face mask

Are 3m face mask reusable?

Yes, 3m face mask can be reusable if they used properly. A 3m face mask can be used for 6 month and can be stored as 1 year.

How long does the filtration stays active?

Filters that helps a 3m mask to soak all the virus and bacteria last for 5 years.

If they are stored and unopened in its original packaging then filters can last for 5 years.

How to wear a 3m face mask?

There are two types of 3m face mask one is loop type and another one is tie type.

For loop type​- Wear the mask by holding it in front of your mouth and put the loop to each ofyour ear

For tie type​- Wear the mask by holding it in front your nose and place the tie over your head and secure them with a tie. Buy 3m surgical face mask

Things to do before wearing?

  • ●      Clear your hands with soap or with hand sanitizer properly and rub them for 90 seconds.
  • Put a mask that is new and doesn’t have a holes in it
  • Make sure your mask is not wet
  • Throw the mask in a dustbin by wrapping it in a packet

Things not to do with 3m mask

  • Do not put them on table or anywhere unsafe
  • Do not fold the mask
  • Do not wash the mask with soap or detergent
  • Do not burn them

How long can we wear them daily?

A 3m face mask be wearied for 8 hours daily and can be used repeatedly for 6 month straight.

How much they cost?

A new mask can cost between $0.50 to $1.60 depending on the brand.

Where to buy one?

  • Medical stores
  • Health care stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Online shops
  • Manufacturers
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