Disposable Non Woven Snood Cap

Disposable Non Woven Snood Cap

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  • Khonkean, Thailand
  • 7 days
  • 100*40HQ per month

Disposable Non Woven Snood Cap is made from breathable polypropylene, the premium quality non woven materials. Lightweight, flexible and resilient. Without glass fibers. Comfortable, secure fit.
Complete head coverage. Each cap has an elastic band to keep the cap securely in place without sliding. These caps offer full hair protection, significantly reduces the risk of contamination – both the wearer’s head and the environment being worked in.
Made for use in food processing units, hospitals, pharmaceutical environments, laboratories or manufacturing, or anywhere complete hair coverage is needed.



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Name Disposable Non Woven Snood Cap
Material Polypropylene (PP Non Woven)
Size 24” perimeter or Customized
Weight 20-40gsm cap, 80gsm peak
Type Elastic Edge
Color White or Customized
Package 100pcs/bag,1000pcs/ctn or Customized
Certificate ISO, CE
MOQ 2,000pcs
Payment Terms TT, LC, Paypal,Western Union,etc.

Non-woven and embossed peaked cap in blue and white colors, with a snood for containing long hair .Buy Disposable Non Woven Snood Cap. Intended to be used for low-risk applications.

It is ideal for use in the food processing sector. Buy Disposable Non Woven Snood Cap

A worker cap / snood cap is a kind of hair accessory used for women. Designed with a hair band or ribbon, it can be used to hold long hair up.
The snood cap makes hairstyling easier, and provides users comfortable wear.
the worker cap / snood cap is made by polypropylene spun-bond fabric.
– It is a peaked cap with hairnet, elasticized edge for total hair cover.
– Comfortable wear and breathable.
– Latex free, formaldehyde free.
– The snood cap is suitable for food processing, manufacturing, construction
and hygienic application & daily use.
– Sanitation and quality in accordance with the ISO standards.

Snood Cap – Female
– Material: Spun bonded polypropylene (SPP)
– Back- elasticized cap with snood for total hair cover
– Regular Color: White/Blue/Green/Red/Pink/Yellow
– Mainly for female use
– Mainly used in medical, clean-room, food production,
critical environment, industrial manufacturing, etc.

Work Cap with Peak – male
– Material: Spun bonded polypropylene (SPP)
– Regular Color: White/Blue/Green/Red/Pink/Yellow
– Mainly for male use
– Mainly used in medical, clean-room, food production and etc

Buy Disposable Non Woven Snood Cap

Mob Cap History

A mob cap or mob-cap is a round, gathered or pleated cloth (usually linen) bonnet consisting of a caul to cover the hair, a frilled or ruffled brim, and (often) a ribbon band, worn by married women in the Georgian period, when it was called a “bonnet”. These caps were always gathered to a flat, often curved, brim. The caul had a flat bottom and curved top.

The bottom was typically gathered to fit the back neck with a drawstring, while the curved sides and top were tightly gathered and stitched to the brim, which typically had some curves, too. Originally an informal style, the bonnet became a high-fashion item as part of the adoption of simple “country” clothing in the later 18th century.

It was an indoor fashion, and was worn under a hat for outdoor wear. During the French Revolution, the name “mob cap” caught on because the poorer women who were involved in the riots wore them, but they had been in style for middle class and even aristocracy since the century began.

The one piece, ruffled, gathered circle “mob cap” often seen worn with historical costumes is a simplified, modern interpretation, rather than a copy of a period cap.

By the Victorian period, mob caps lingered as the head covering of servants and nurses, and small mob caps, not covering the hair, remained part of these uniforms into the early 20th century.

Modern versions of mob caps are still worn in the pharmaceutical industry, in cleanrooms, and in other sectors where the hair has to be contained. These mob caps are usually a simple circle shape with an elastic band and may be made of disposable materials such as spunbound polypropylene or of nylon netting. Buy Disposable Non Woven Snood Cap


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